Homeschool vs Public Education: A Complete Guide for Parents

Top homeschool statistics Prior to the pandemic around 3.4 percent of the total K-12 school-age population was being homeschooled. By Autumn 2020 this had more than doubled to 9%. Half of parents who weren’t homeschooling before the pandemic view it more favorably now. Over 300 million children worldwide are being homeschooled. Over 90% of homeschoolers … Read moreHomeschool vs Public Education: A Complete Guide for Parents


The consequences of your actions can also play a role in determining how and what you learn. Behaviorist B.F. Skinner noted that while classical conditioning could be used to explain some types of learning, it could not account for everything. Instead, he suggested that reinforcements and punishments were responsible for some types of learning. Learners … Read moreLearning