The Value of Humans in Robots vs. Humans’ Space Exploration

History has shown that human beings have had a great urge to transcend physical and intellectual boundaries. For instance, their endeavor to travel into space is a manifestation of human interest in knowing about other planets apart from the Earth. Research reveals that individuals from 41 countries have gone to space and many have come … Read moreThe Value of Humans in Robots vs. Humans’ Space Exploration

Lab-grown Diamonds

De Beers Tries to Counter a Growing Threat: Man-Made Diamonds Lab-grown diamonds have become popular compared to natural diamonds since they are regarded as a decent alternative and for the customers these diamonds cannot be distinguished from natural diamonds. Many companies are selling human-made diamonds, and according to experts, these diamonds are similar to natural … Read moreLab-grown Diamonds

The Funniest SNL Sketches About Obama

 Saturday Night Live has parodied every President, Vice President, and Presidential Candidate since its inception on October 11, 1975. Lorne Michaels created it and developed by Dick Eberlson. Parody and Satire are usually protected under the first amendment. They are critical to any country that permits free speech. Different cast members perform the show’s comedy … Read moreThe Funniest SNL Sketches About Obama